Spotlight on Ethal!!!


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Our Adoption Room currently only has Ethal up for adoption.  We are allowing her to have the room to herself for awhile so people can see her true personality and get to know her better.  She does not enjoy the company of other cats and gets easily stressed when having to share space with them–which in turn can make her sometimes cranky with us.

Since she has been the only cat, her personality has certainly come shining through and she is so much happier and relaxed.  Ethal is full of life, playful, curious and very healthy (except for a few extra pounds).  She needs a house to explore to trim down her figure a bit.  She is about middle-aged at 9 years but is full of zest for life and endless entertainment that a kitten would provide.

Ethal is very laid back and pretty low maintenance.  When she wants attention she will rub all over you.  She enjoys human companionship and doesn’t ask for much besides some food and fresh catnip.  Please email for more information.

Ethal–vivacious mother of 5



The Carter Litter is available for Adoption!

We have 3 Carter kittens awaiting adoption.  They are super friendly and lovable kittens that have been raised by their foster mom since they were 4 weeks of age.  In their foster home, they have lived with 3 dogs and love having them as their playmates.

Their  feline mom was TNR’d and tested positive for FIV.  As of 3 months of age when the kittens were spayed and neutered, they were still testing positive for FIV.  This could be due to their mother’s antibodies still in their system, but it won’t be definite (positive or negative) until they are retested at 6 months of age.  We are still seeking adopters that will love them despite this FIV possibility.  They can still live long lives despite FIV but we want applicants to understand this situation.

If you have any questions about FIV or the kitten’s individual personalities, please email for more information.

Carter 1-all black male Carter 2-tiger (ADOPTED)
Carter 1-all black male “Franklin”
Carter 2-tiger (ADOPTED)
cats stealing the dog’s bed
always on the prowl
Carter 3-female
Carter 3-female “Julie”
prepping for nap time on the couch
trying to play with my sister


Carter 4-female
Carter 4-female “Wendy”–ADOPTED!
Carter 5-male
Carter 5-male “Zorro”
kneading away
sneak attack on his sister