The Carter Litter is available for Adoption!

We have 2 Carter kittens awaiting adoption.  They are super friendly and lovable kittens that have been raised by their foster mom since they were 4 weeks of age.  In their foster home, they have lived with 3 small dogs and love having them as their playmates.

Their  feline mom was TNR’d and tested positive for FIV.  As of 6 months of age, the remaining kittens have tested NEGATIVE for FIV.  Only Franklin (Carter1) and Zorro (Carter5) are awaiting their forever homes now.

If you have any questions about the kitten’s individual personalities, please email for more information.

Carter 1-all black male Carter 2-tiger (ADOPTED)
Carter 1-all black male “Franklin”
Carter 2-tiger (ADOPTED)
cats stealing the dog’s bed
always on the prowl


Carter 5-male
Carter 5-male “Zorro”
kneading away
sneak attack on his sister